Padding/Strapping – v5

Arch Support Pad:
The heel protector pad is manufactured using soft and durable medical-grade polyurethane gel material that helps with the alleviation of pressure and pain associated with your feet. The product features a self-adhesive design that can be washed and reused as per your preference.
Function: The product helps with the reduction of pain associated with heel spurs, tendonitis, heel neuromas, and plantar fasciitis. The arch cushion would instantly relieve the pain.
• New and improved arch support
• Self-adhesive and non-slip design to keep the insole in place
• The unique supportive shape helps with relieving pain and pressure of:
– Softer gel for comfortable support
– Removable without damaging your shoes

Heel Protector Pad
The shoe heel grips help with the reduction of friction between shoes and feet.

The heel stickers are equipped with strong adhesive properties, and it is easily adhered inside of your shoes. The products are made using moisture, water, and sweat resistant properties.
The anti-slip shoe heel pads are effective for protecting your feet when shopping, walking, running, and dancing.
We have integrated strong and resilient self-adhesive properties to our products. The heel protector pads contain silica gel, which allows you to stick it into your shoes without the assistance of any auxiliary help. Also, you can wipe off the sticky residue from the pads to reuse it.

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