Padding/Strapping – v4

About the product
  • HIGH-QUALITY – Ball of Foot Cushions are made of high quality, very soft and durable eco-friendly medical grade material being good for Mortons Neuroma and Metatarsal Foot Pain Relief.
  • COMFORTABLE – Metatarsal Shoe Inserts have an ergonomic design, provide excellent cushioning with no slipping and perfectly reduce pressure on the front foot relieving pain while walking.
  • GREAT HELP – Metatarsal Pads for Women will definitely help people having Mortons Neuroma, Plantar Fasciitis or Bunions providing perfect forefoot cushioning and relieving the unpleasant sensation.
  • FIT ALL SHOES – All 6 pieces of Gel Ball of Foot Pads fit most feet sizes being elastic, fairly thick and having convenient sizes which are very convenient as you may change them whenever you need to.
  • CONVENIENT – High Heel Cushions fit all shoe types, do not stick to the skin, don’t give your feet an unpleasant smell, securely fixed to the inner surface of your shoes and are easily removed.
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