Compression Stockings – Type II

  • 15-20mmgh SOFT AND SUPPORTIVE ALL DAY COMFORT】Thigh High Stockings provide moderate graduated compression to help energize and revitalize the legs – ideal when sitting or standing for extended periods. Socks can safely be worn all day for any activity. Compression Stockings provide long-lasting support that appeals to women and men fashion, suitable for any business or formal occasion. They have the health benefits of a medical compression sock when your feet get achy, sore and swollen.
  • 【CHARM OF COMPRESSION】Woven from 20% spandex which can reduce microbial odor and perform prevention of the bacteria from growing. With a gradient compression, this compression stocking applies graduated pressure to the lower legs increasing blood flow back towards the heart and reduces the discomfort caused by moderate to severe varicosities. And it helps prevent the recurrence of venous ulcerations
  • 【AWAY FROM PAIN AND FATIGUE】Knee high surgical socks for men and women are made from smooth breathable fabric and available with a closed toe. Relief is our brand and features a generous toe area and reinforced heel pocket. The pressure that these stockings put on your ankles and legs compresses the surface arteries and veins, helping the vein valves to function properly and blood to flow back to your heart. Especially perfect for nurse, travel, running, maternity and pregnancy.
  • 【WRONG SOCKS RUIN YOUR SPORT EXPERIENCE】Compared to the traditional cotton design which increases the risk of blistering, our advanced material that controls heat and moisture supports critical muscles and tendons, and our material wicks moisture for a comfortable fit that goes the distance from start to finish. Because of demanding wear and tear use, our material is constructed differently to increase durability with Anti-microbial/Anti-odor/Self-deodorization feature.
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