Bunion Splint – Type II

About the product
  • ? ORTHOPEDIC RELIEF – Our Medistro Corrector toe straightener splint is designed to relieve you from the pain caused by your Bunion on your Big Toe. We have designed it to fit comfortably on any foot and our hinge allows for natural movements while wearing it. The velcro straps can be used to adjust the amount of pressure on your bunion because not all bunions are created equal.
  • ? RE-ALIGN and RESTORE WITH THE BEST – Your toes will thank you later! Medistro Bunion Corrector Splints have been proven to align some very severe cases. Some have even canceled their surgeries after using our splint for a month prior. Package includes 2 splints, 8 toe spacers, 1 toe stretcher. 11 piece total. Great for Men and Women.
  • ? 11 PACK ASSORTMENT – Medical grade materials provide a safe and effective way to relieve the pain from a bunion. Our spacers can be used in combination with the splint to cure a variety of foot problems. We use a combination of plastics and silicone to provide an affordable product!! 8 Toe Separators Included
  • ? USAGE AND CARE – We recommend our splint for orthopedic use at home or during normal activities for maximum correction. We do not recommend it while you are on the go. Care for it is easy when the pads start getting a little dirty, just clean it by hand with soap and water. Not every bunion is created equal so we have provided 8 spacers in each pack! Use each spacer to fit your specific needs. Works with a Walking Boot, for Hammer Toe, and Turf Toe.
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